White Quartz Countertops

White Quartz Countertops - A Rising Modern Trend In 2021


With the global countertop market predicted to reach a ~$110 billion net worth by 2027, it stands to reason that this industry features its own unique set of trends within the ever-evolving modern age. For example, it wasn’t that long ago that Distinctive Kitchen & Bath based in Columbus witnessed a demand surge for granite countertops for its 100% natural material vibe. Now, it is important to note that granite will likely never become outdated for its cosmic authentic appeal and is always a solid choice to go with. However, when it comes to trends in the year 2021, the underpinning countertop material on the rise is none other than white quartz.


Quartz countertops, also known as the engineered stone, surfaced back in 1963 using technology that seamlessly blended about 90% ground quartz (one of the earth's hardest minerals) with about a 10% mixture of resins, pigments, and polymers to create an exceptionally durable, yet luxurious surface. Though it has been around and leverage for decades, it wasn’t until the last 10-ish years when it began to gain traction within the competitive countertop market. Fast forward to today, white quartz countertops in particular has made a trending entrance in society based on Statista stats, and for more reasons than one.


 1. Exceptionally Affordable

First off, a primary reason why white quartz has become so popular thus far in 2021 is due to the affordable cost to gain such high value. For instance, the average cost for marble countertops is between $75-250, granite is $45-200, and quartz is from $55-$155. Looking at this from the highest quality perspective, you can gain the highest tier quartz for less than both marble and granite's highest categories. In summary, the quality you decide on will determine the final cost, but you can have the confidence you will obtain wonderful outcomes on the budget-friendly side.


2. Natural Looking Marble Appearance

Another big component for the rise of white quartz is its alluring, sophisticated appearance. White quartz has a very natural-looking marble appeal, which can also be tailored to fit any kitchen style design. In today's modern age, simplicity and minimalism is the driving factor for that clean kitchen feel, a demand that white quartz can fulfill with ease. Not to mention that if the underlying mission is to obtain a marble look with granite durability, quartz makes for the perfect, cost-effective alternative to achieve the best of both worlds.  


3. Durable and No Maintenance Necessary

 It has been noted a few times thus far, but quartz is one of the strongest and most durable minerals on the planet. Due to this, quartz makes for an ideal countertop for those who are looking for a long-term investment without having to worry about maintenance. Sure, you will want to clean any spills accordingly, but have peace of mind knowing that the white quartz surface will not stain, crack, and does not require resealing. The moment your white quartz countertops are installed, you can expect them to look as new and fresh for decades as the day you put them in.


4. Variety of Quality Suppliers

 Here at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath, you can browse through a vast selection of quality suppliers, such as Hanstone, Silestone, Cambria, and Caesarstone. Why does this matter? Because it means that you are guaranteed to have quality results along with more ease in discovering the ideal pattern that matches your countertop visions. Not to mention that these quartz brand leaders offer extended warranty offers to make your purchase a more comfortable and risk-free one. For reference, Cambria and Caesarstone both offer lifetime warranties.


5. Eco-Friendly Option

 If there is one thing for sure, the push for eco-friendly and sustainable living has been a focal point on a global scale. According to Barron’s, 70% of the United States and Canadian consumers believe that eco-friendly brands are a vitality. This strive naturally bleeds into home décor choices, making quartz a prime target. Since quartz countertops are engineered using material stone and recycled materials, it equates to it being an ultimate

environmentally-friendly option that lowers waste generation. Furthermore, if you ever choose to replace it down the road, quartz countertops are 100% recyclable, making it an even more favorable choice for those seeking to reduce negative environmental impacts.


Conclusion - A White Quartz Rich Future

 All in all, quartz countertops have always been an accredited choice for homeowners and residential/commercial construction professionals. Since first debuting in the early 1960s to now, quartz countertops have made a reputable name for itself for their durability, sustainably, and opulent appeal, all of which has positioned it to become the leading choice to bolster home value and aesthetics. But speaking strictly in trends, white quartz is the most dominating tone to fulfill the prevalent modern style itch.

Overall and based on trajectory, the white quartz countertops trend is something that is likely not going to diminish in popularity anytime soon. Whether you are looking to upgrade to sell later on or seeking to improve your forever home, integrating white quartz is a sure-fire way to amplify house quality and raise its market price. With that being said, if you are ready to upgrade your Columbus home with this long-term trend as well, then don’t hesitate to contact Distinctive Kitchen & Bath today to get the process started.